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July 30th. Since I began this letter Lizie and I were asked to go & lunch with some new neighbours of ours (who have taken a little house in this parish) after the naming of their baby. The party, cousins of ourselves & Mr Tate & Mr Parkers' (our hosts) Father & Mother & Uncle & Aunt in some way or other one of them mentioned Lady McArthur's name, & then it came out that the two elder Parkers are your Uncle's brothers, although the young people have been here about a yr. we had not discovered it before. Our neighbour Mr George Parker tho quite young man has [indecipherable] a rung having married a rich & very pretty wife. They have taken a house in this parish on the Waking Road wh I fancy they find very dull. However they are not far from the station & constantly go to London for the day. They are very nice people & have two dear little boys. My poor dear Father is very miserable abt, that horrid Council. The last accts tell of the death of 14000 sheep by        


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