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Asked him to come on Friday 18th

The Public Library of New South Wales'Lending Branch,
Sydney, 39 April 1870

Dear Madame,
In preparing the Seventh Vol. of the Historical Record for publication, I find on going over the type written letters of your Grandfather - John Macarthur - that the year 1811 is almost a blank.  This is the year in which Colonel Johnston was tried for the arrest  of Govr Bligh; and it appears hardly possible that Capt Macarthur would remain silent on such a subject to his wife.  Yet the papers you sent me contain no reference whatever to the circumstances.  The papers have been very carelessly copied  - in several places whole pages have been omitted, wherever I have been able I have made corrections; and although I do not wish you to think I am lacking in gratitude to you for your kindness in furnishing me with the papers. yet i feel it my duty to urge you to assist me in making the publication as complete as possible in this respect.  No one has ever been able to defend - John Macarthur so able as he did himself

Mrs Macarthur Onslow
Camden Park.

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