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532 Seventeen fine linen pillow slips, 7 twill ditto
533 Thirty linen pillow slips, and a large waterproof sheet
543 Large new fine damask table cloth (10 x 16
535 Ditto ditto
536 An extra large fine damask table cloth
537 Two large ditto
538 Two large ditto
539 Two large ditto
540 Two large ditto
541 Two large ditto
542 Two large ditto
543 Two large ditto, and 2 smaller ditto
544 Three ditto ditto
545 One ditto ditto (extra large)
546 About 8 yards of dine damask (uncut) for table napkins
547 Twenty-six huckaback and other towels, and 12 pairs of lace window curtains
548 Four large table cloths
449 Ditto lot
450 Four pairs of twill sheets
551 Two pairs of large twill sheets, and a pair of smaller ditto
552 Three pairs of twill sheets
553 One pair of large ditto, and 1 pair of smaller ditto
554 One pair of ditto, and 2 pairs of ditto
555 Three pairs of large fine twill sheets
556 Two pairs of ditto
557 Three pairs of coarse linen sheets
558 Two pairs of large fine linen ditto
559 Three pairs of ditto ditto
560 Three pairs of ditto ditto
561 Five white Marseilles quilts


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