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Our Association is one such organised effort, the one definite object with which it has been formed being the opening up of new fields of productive industry for workless women of all classes. from the refined gentlewoman, thrown perhaps suddenly to depend on her own exertions, to the factory girl or motherless waif - industries suited to their strength and capacities, industries healthful and elevating, and, if properly carried out, highly profitable - all of them, too, productive from the soil direct; so that, in this way, relief may be afforded to the cruelly over-crowded state of the female labour market in cities.
  The idea has been taken up more readily than we expected, and the kind practical encouragement given us in the first instance by the Governor and Lady Dnff in allowing the first of our drawing-room meetings to be held in Government House, when His Excellency kindly presided, and also in allowing our Committee to meet there frequently since, has been followed by a very general interest and support.  One gentleman, for instance, who was at our first meeting, gave £50 for the planting of mulberry; others have followed, our shares are steadily being taken, and the Government has given us a grant, 

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