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Landing and Stairs to First Floor.

207 The blue-ground Brussels stair carpet is laid to landing, half-landing, and stairs, about 30 yards
208 The blue felt as laid over the above, and 26 stout brass stair rods
209 Two mahogany frame cane-seat chairs, and 3 blue skin mats
210 A 3ft. 4in. well-made mahogany chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers, with locks and key
211 A 22in. walnut davenport, with rising top, linedleather, with drawers and interior fittings

Ground Floor.-Dining Room.

212 A pair of 3ft. 3in. majolica tile flower boxes
213 The cornice poles as fixed, with laths, brass rods, &c., and 2 pairs of blue re window curtains, with festoon valances and rope holders
214 The flowered-pattern bordered Brussels carpet as planned, about    yards
215 The brilliant plate pier glass in gilt frame,between windows. plate about 12ft. by 19in.
216 A 4ft. 3in. iron and open steel-rail fender and a set of steel frire implements
217 Two folding brass fire screen standards and 2 tapestry banners, and a copper coal scuttle and scoop
218 Two brass portiere rods and rings over doors, and 2 striped cloth portiere curtains
219 A 7ft. massive mahogany sideboard with silvered glass back, fitted 3 drawers, sliding tray and cellaret, enclosed by panelled doors, locks and key
220 A 2ft. 10in, 3-tier mahogany dinner wagon
221 A mahogany wine sarcophagus on castors, with lock and key. the well-made Wainscot Oak Dining Suite, with stuffed seats and backs, in marone morocco, comprising: 
222 A 7ft, settee with extra cretonne case
223 Eight chairs, at           per chair
224 Six ditto.  at         per chair
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