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446 Pink flowered and gilt china cup and saucer, 2 hand painted and gilt fluted china saucers, 5 small shallow Japanese bowls, and a green leaf shaped dish
447 A 13in. oval painted and ground glass dish, a crackle two-handled glass bowl (broken), an ivory paper knife, and 2 wood ditto
448 Walnut and ormolu mounted inkstand forming desk, writing desk with stationery box en suite over, and 2 glass inks with hinged lids
449 Pair of 11in. French china candlesticks supported by figures, brass pig penwiper, 2 lac japan boxes and lids, ditto pen tray, leather cigar case, and a wood blotter
450 Very handsome striking timepiece by Wm. Litherland, Liverpool, in Sevresl and ormolu case, on gilt stand under glass shade, with winder
451 Pair of 18in. massive ormolu and china 2-light candelabra
452 Pair of 7in. Longwy ware vases on ditto elephant stands
453 Coromandel and ormolu-mounted desk, with stationery rack and interior ormolu-mounted fittings
454 Ormolu easel tree photo frame for 6 miniatures, metal mode of the Eiffel Tower, an engagement tablet, and 6 metal and leather photo frames
455 Very handsome fire banner, beautifully worked in blue and silver beads, &c., and 4 pieces of gold embroidered black satin
456 Fringed tapestry table cover, a blue and figured striped wool ditto, and a chenille and gold worked ditto with ball fringe
457 Red and green striped wool table cover, a green serge and needlework ditto, and a blue and brown striped ditto
458 Figured chenille table cover, a marone velvet ditto with flowered border, and a yellow and marone satin embroidered ditto
459 Silk embroidered cover, a small cover worked waterlilies, a red and drab striped cover, a green silk cover, a plush and worked antimacassar, and a satin footstool


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