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Conditions of Sale.

1. - The highest bidder to be the purchaser, and if any dispute arises the lot to be immediately put up again and re-sold.

2. - Immediately on the fall of the hammer, every purchaser to give his name and address, and, if required by the Auctioneer, to pay down a deposit of 20 per cent., to be credited on the whole of the lots purchased.

3. - The biddings to be regulated by the Auctioneer, who is to decide all matters in dispute, and who reserves the right of refusing the bidding of any particular person.

4. - The lots are sold with all faults and errors of descrip-tion, and are to be cleared away by 4 o'clock on Thursday, December 17th, at the purchaser's expense, and until which they will remain at his sole risk.

5. - All damages to the premises or other things caused by the persons removing must be made good by the pur-chaser, who will be held personally responsible for the acts of his agents.

6. - No cheques will be taken, and no lots transferred.

7. - Upon failure of complying with the foregoing conditions, the deposit will be forfeited, and The Auctioneer will reserve the power of re-selling as he may deem proper.  Any deficiency on such re-sale to be made good by the purchaser.


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