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workers must make the profits before they get them.  We shall not be paralyzed by the dread of strikes at critical moments on one hand, on the other our workers will not see the result of their toil, providing luxury for the few, while the many are denied the possibilities of healthy and decent life.

Work must be found for women, women cannot congregate at the Queen's statue, especially the refined and capable women we think will be best fitted to make our enterprise succeed; women cannot besiege Parliament and demand work; women cannot tramp the country always sure of a meal.  Much attention is being given to the providing of work for men, none, as far as I know, to opening up any new field for women.  Ours (I am proud, but sorry to say) is the first Women's Industrial Society which has been registered in New South Wales, the first I believe in any of these colonies.  We want to show what women can do, to produce, not wealth for the few, but comfort for the many, besides paying good interest to our shareholders.  Who will help us?  You can help by becoming members of our association, by taking shares in it, or by giving donations.  The shares are £1 each, and no shareholder is liable for more than the £1 on each share.  Shares may be paid up at once, or by instalments of 1s.

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