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  Among typewriters, an industry which was supposed to offer splendid opportunities for women, the competition has become very severe.  The supply of work is less in consequence of the retrenchment policy in Government departments, the work being done by the clerks of the department instead of being given to typewriters outside as before.  A woman, unless she has influence at command, has no chance of a permanent appointment as typewriter.  Even the typewriters longest established, most capable, and with largest connections find that under existing conditions a living is not to be made by it.

In journalism, the same holds good, experienced pressmen of unquestioned ability are starving; women, unless it be a few who have already made a name and secured permanent work, have no chance.

It might well have been supposed that in these colonies the "Song of the Shirt" would never be more than a terrible tale, but that miserable picture represents a state of things which we are not approaching but, have actually reached, in this nature-blessed, but man-mismanaged, Australian.  Women,

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