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502 Blue and gilt Japanese teapot and lid, a ditto cream ewer, ditto sugar bowl, 5 ditto coffee cups and saucers, and 2 plates and 2 flowered Minton china B and B plates
504 Flowered and ribbon-pattern Worcester china teapot and lid, sugar basin and lid, cream ewer and a cup and saucer, a flowered china jug, 3 small white dishes, 6 odd eggs cups, and a large Japanese china teapot and lid
505 The white-ribbon pattern gilt edge painted leaves, &c., Minton breakfast tea and coffee service of 36 cups, 24 saucers, 4 B and B plates, 2 bacon dishes, 2 muffin dishes and covers, milk jug, cream ewer, sugar basin and cover, slop basin, butter dish and cover, and 6 egg cups
506 Twelve blue-edge breakfast plates, 4 white china menu tablets and brass stands, 18 turquoise and gilt ribbon-pattern menu stands, and a Wedgwood cheese dish and cover
507 Two large white barrel jugs, 2 smaller white jugs, a large Toby beer jug, 9 white salad plates, a 5 Japanese plates
508 Thirty-four blue and white meat and pie plates, and a ditto meat dish
509 Two ground key-patten compotiers, 2 cut neck water carafes and tops plain an engraved claret jug, 3 small plain claret jugs, and a pair of cut neck and engraved quart decanters and stoppers
510 Plain and engraved claret jug and stopper, pair of plain cut neck quart decanters and stoppers, and 3 cut neck water carafes and tops
511 Two cut claret jugs and stoppers, 3 cut neck pint decanters and stoppers, and 12 ground ice plates
512 Pair of cut quart decanters and stoppers, plain glass water jug, 2 cut soda tumblers, 2 engraved goblets, and 2 plain ditto
513 Set of 4 finely-engraved goblets on cut stems, 12 plain liqueurs, and 6 barrel custards with cut bands
514 Fifteen plain cut star-bottom finger bowls, 6 tub-pattern custard glasses, 10 plain tumblers, 4 green-tinted tumblers, and 2 iridescent tumblers
515 Five dozen plain wines

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