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[low?] from there cocoons, so that the moth may find no difficulty in coming out.
After the cocoons have been taken down from the hedge, those which are intended for eggs should be laid, but not crowded on tables, that is to say, the males one table & the females on another, that they may not copulate too soon, & before they have discharged a [visced?] [indecipherable], of a yellow reddish colour which prevents their fecundity. They dis-charge this humour in one hour after coming out of the cocoon, which is generally 10 days after there have been taken down from the hedge; but this may be accelerated by heat.
At the expiration of one hour after the moths have come out of their cocoons, the males and females may be put together on tables or on the floor; the tables or floor ought to be previously covered with linen or cloth, on which, after copulation, the female lay their eggs. One female moth or butterfly generally lays 500 eggs; the male & female remain about 6 hours to-gether, & during which time they copulate; after which they separate, & the female is 48 to 50 hours laying eggs but the greatest quantity during the first 40 hours.
From the moment the moths have come out of their cocoons until the females have laid all their eggs, the room must be kept entirely dark; the light debilitates them & makes them produce but few eggs; & the worms that come from them are weak & puny.
When the female moths have done laying eggs all the insects must be taken away, & may be given as food to the fowls.
The eggs must remain on the cloth where they have been deposited during 15 or 20 days, until they shall have become of an ash or slate color, when they are perfectly ripe, & may be considered as good eggs. then the cloth or linen must be folded & kept in a coll & dry place, until it shall be thought proper to take off the eggs which is done by putting the cloth into pure water, & when thoroughly wtted, scraping gently the eggs from the cloth, taking care not to injure them. When their scraped into


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