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   The Committee desire to acknowledge the great services rendered to the cause by Mrs J. C. ELLIS and Miss F. LEVVY, who have devoted much time and money in the formation of these Bands.
  In sending to the Heads of Schools, and disseminating Literature of an attractive nature for the young, the Committee are persuaded they adopt one of the best plans for remedying a serious omission in education.
  It is also intended occasionally to offer prizes for Essay writing among Scholars at the Public and Private Schools throughout the Colony, upon the subject of Kindness towards Animals.

  1. This Society shall be called the Women's Branch of the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
  2. The objects of this Society shall be the moral training of Children in their duty towards the animal creation.
  3. The Society shall consist of all persons who shall contribute to its funds an annual sum of not less than 2s.6d., and of honorary members elected by the General Committee from amongst persons who have evinced marked sympathy with the objects of this Society.
  4. The Officers of the Society shall be - a President, Treasurer, and Secretary, whose offices shall be honorary.
  5. The General Committee shall have the entire control and management of the affairs, property, and funds of the Society, and may frame by-laws for their own guidance.  The members of the Committee shall have power to fill, for the remainder of the year for which they have been elected, any vacancies that may occur in their own body.

    Donations are earnestly solicited to enable the Committee to purchase books, periodicals, and leaflets, for distribution among school children, also for giving prizes for Essay writing, and will be acknowledged by the Hon. Treasurer, Miss ALLWOOD, Edgecliffe Road, or the Hon. Secretary, Mr SIDNEY, 53 Elizabeth Street.

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