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432 Pair of 6in. Dresden china figures "Woman washing" and "man with hammer"
433 Pair of very fine small Japanese ware bowls and saucers, 2 small blue and gilt Japanese bowls and a ditto saucer, and French china flowered mug and saucer
434 Six Worcester china pink and gilt coffee cups with open work bases, and 4 ditto saucers
435 Turquoise and gilt china cup and saucer painted in miniature bird panels, A pink and gilt cup painted birds, a miniature Dresden cup with cover and saucer painted in panels, a turquoise and gilt saucer, and a Japanese cup and saucer
436 Pair of 7in. richly gilt Bohemian glass tazzas painted heads and flowers (1 repaired), and a pair of 7in. pedestals en suite
437 A 9½in. finely executed hand painted exhibition plate, "Bettws y Coed"
438 A Royal Dresden shaped 2-handled cup and saucer, richly painted in panels, an 8in. Japanese plate, and a figured Oriental saucer
439 Square ruby glass and ormolu mounted scent bottle with hinged top, and a pair of Dresden china shaped cups painted "Insects and fruit"
440 Small Berlin china cup and saucer, a miniature royal Dresden cup and saucer richly painted and gilt, a Japanese cup and saucer, and 4 Japanese bowls and 1 saucer
441 A 9in. china plate painted with a Bartolozzi head, and an 8in. Chinese plate
442 Small Bohemian glass and ormolu mounted casket and lid painted scenes, a small ruby studded purse, and 4 emu eggs
434 Black, red and gilt Japanese cup and saucer, a Japanese cup on stand (broken), a Japanese bowl and saucer, and a small ditto cup and saucer
444 Dresden china bell, a pink, gilt and painted Minton china cup and saucer, a blue and gilt Worcester saucer, and a pink flowered and gilt saucer
445 Four dark blue and gilt Crown Derby china coffee cups and saucers


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