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Without now going into details, [although] I can do so if you desire, the cost of production would be at [most] 33% leaving the nett value at [say] £2,100.

   I should estimate the total outlay for the whole 3 years up to this period at very little more than this amount especially if you have facilities, in connection with your vineyards, for cultivating the land.

   Not taking this item into consideration what I should need to be expended would be somewhat as follows: ( I have purposely left my pay out at present)

   My remuneration for 3 years     £______________
Cottage to live in                          £200
Sick houses 15 to 20 in the 3rd year  £1000
Reeling plant in the 4th year              £300
Plants, fencing and incidentals(outside)   £200


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