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106   Feather bolster, ditto pillow, 3 blankets
107   An eiderdown quit covered in sateen and lace

108   A 3ft. painted iron bedstead, with chintz valance, hair 

         mattress and 3 blankets

109   A 3ft. 10in. painted wardrobe, fitted sliding trays enclosed 
         by pair panelled doors, lock and key, with 2 long and 2 
         short drawers under

110   A 3ft. 7in. polished birch chest of 3 long and 2 short                     drawers, locks and key                              

111   Ditto bidet with liner and cover, and 3 bentwood cane                 seat chairs

112   A 3ft.6in. painted chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers, 
         with white knobs, locks and keys
113   Ditto tray top washstand fitted drawers and platform                    under, and a ditto pedestal chamber cupboard
114   A 3ft. 5in. painted dressing table fitted 2 drawers, and a              birch 4-rail towel airer
115   Polished birch swing frame dressing glass, plate 22in. by
         15in., a japanned hip bath, and a square of bath felt
116   Mahogany frame cheval glass, plate 34in. by 20in., and a          cane-seated stool
117   Five pieces of washstand fittings, japanned slop vase, 2             gilt handle hand screens, 4 china pillar candlesticks, and 
         a small mahogany tray
118   A 4ft. circular mahogany and inlaid card table on pillar and
        feet, fitted 4 drawers and top covered cloth

Landing and Stairs to Second Floor.

121   The blue ground figured carpet as laid to landing, half-               landing and stairs about 22 yards, the blue felt over ditto,
         and 19 brass stair rods
122   Japanned coal scuttle, ditto water can, 2 painted3-rail                 towel airers, 12 pieces of odd washstand fittings, and a
         hot water bottle
123   Two japanned slop pails and covers, galvanised pail, ditto
         hand bowl, 9 japanned hot water cans, and a large ditto             water can





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