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Ornamental Items.

417 Very handsome striking timepiece by Payne and Co., New Bond Street, in buhl and malachite case, ormolu mounted on gilt stand under glass shade, with winder
418 Pair of 5-light Dresden china candelabra, with boy and girl figure supports
419 Pair of 9in. lustres with cut-glass pendants on reflecting glass stands, a pair of 10in. richly gilt Bohemian glass vases, and a pair of small marbled ewers
420 A 9in. triple china flower holder with figures of boys and flowers in relief, and 3 pink and white Dresden china shoes
421 Very handsome ormolu mounted lady's companion (egg in nest), with ormolu implements under glass shade on stand
422 Coromandel wood and ormolu mounted bookslide, an inlaid marble paper weight, a glass paper weight, a stuffed bird under glass shade, a metal paper knife, and a small shaped china box and lid 
423 Pair of 16in. handsome richly-painted and gilt Oriental vases on carved ebony stands
424 Pair of 14½in. Minton china figures of boys with baskets
425 Pair of 16in. handsome green and gilt china vases, with pastoral scenes in relief
426 A fine piece of shell-shaped old Bow painted insects, &c.
427 Pair of 9in. Worcester china plates painted ferns with blue and pink borders, and a pair of 7in. circular reflecting glass strands
428 Pair of 4½in. coloured and gilt glass bottles and stoppers, 4 small gilt and painted Coalport shaped saucers, a plated spring ink with cut ruby top, and 3 small glass flower vases
429 A 10in. openwork oval Dresden china basket supported by 4 figures of Cupids
430 Pair of 8in. finely executed Dresden china groups, "The Astronomers" and "Building the Temple"
431 Pair of 9in. Dresden china figures, "Boys and Girls with Tubs"


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