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28   Wall mirror in painted wood frame, plate 30in. by 12in.,  a metal hanging dress rack, and a mahogany ditto
29   A 2ft, painted tray-top washstand, 5 pieces of white fittings, a 3-rail towel airer, and a 2-rail back rush-seat chairs
30   A 3ft. 6in. tray-top washstand, 12 pieces of odd fittings, and a painted 4-rail towel airer
31   A 5ft. 8in. 4-fold scrap screen, 2 cane-seat chairs, and a small swing frame mahogany glass
32   A  2ft. 6in. painted dressing table, fitted one drawer with oil baize cover, a wicker linen basket, and a wicker splash screen
33   A 2ft. 9in. painted chest of 2 long and 2 short drawers, oil baize cover, and 2 cane-seat chair
34   A 3ft. 6in. painted chest of 3 long and 2 short drawers, 2 cane-seat chairs and a clock in mahogany case (faulty)
35   A 2ft. 6in. ditto of 2 long and 2 short drawers, with white knobs, and a mahogany swing frame toilet glass, plate 14in. by 11in.
36   A 3ft. japanned iron stump bedstead
37   Hair mattress in tick, and a feather bed
38   Feather bolster and 4 blankets
39   A 2ft. 4in. japanned iron bedstead
40   Wool mattress in tick
41   Wool and hair ditto in canvas
42   Feather bolster, ditto pillow and 1 blanket
43   A 3ft. japanned iron stump bedstead
44   Hair mattress in tick
45   Feather bed in ditto
46   Wool and hair mattress in blue check
47   Feather bolster, ditto pillow, and 2 blankets

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