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Two other growers failed in consequence of disease which they had incurred through importing unsound graine (eggs) from Europe.  Others have tried and given up the attempt not because they lost faith but because it was too big a thing to be managed singly.  When the industry is thoroughly established small growers can do well, at present - no.

We thought ourselves fortunate at first in having through the kind instrumentality of the heads of the Department of Agriculture, an offer from the Australian Agricultural Company of a mulberry plantation which had been planted some years ago on the A.A. Company's estate at Booral.  On this we intended to train our students till we had plantations of our own.   After great consideration, however, we decided that the offer being a lease of only one year, with no right of purchase, and option of renewal only if considerable work were being carried on, we should not be justified in expending there the money which would be barely sufficient to make a start on land of our own; and on which we thought all our funds and energies ought to be concentrated.  We therefore gave up the idea of incurring any expenses in establishing a school of Sericulture the more readily as we found we had in our ranks all necessary information.

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