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187   Mahogany swing-frame toilet glass, plate 24in. by 17in.,              with jewel receptacle under
188   Birch armchair-night commode with liner and cover, and              a birch pedestal chamber cupboard
189   A 4ft. pine chest of 4 long and 2 short drawers, knobs,               locks and key
190   A 16in. pine beside table, with 2 flaps and fall-down front,           and a carved wood hanging medicine cupboard with lock           and key
191   Rosewood frame lady's easy chair, stuffed and covered              in cretonne
192   A 4ft. satin and inlaid tulip wood circular card table, lined 
         marone cloth
193   Coromandel wood jewel and dressing case, with 2 secret            drawers, interior fittings, and 4 cut-glass bottles with                  silver tops
194   Leather bonnet box, a pair of 14in. wood bonnet stands, 
         a small wood stationery rack, a wood inkstand, a pair of             china pillar candlesticks, and 2 small Parian spill                         holders    
195   Striking mantel clock in wood case, with winder, by                     Payne & Co., New Bond-street
196   Very handsome crimson plush tea cosy, beautifully                      worked in white beads and pearls, and a teapot mat
           en suite   
197   Lady's striped silk wrap, a long green Spanish scarf                   embroidered in colours,  and a scarlet shawl worked in               white silk    
198   Lady's sable jacket, and a blue shawl embroidered in                  white silk
199   Long velvet and fur mantle, and an Indian ditto
200   Ermine cloak and tippet, and a large striped wrap
201   Large white silk fringed counterpane, beautifully                         embroidered in white silk  
202   Leather and ormolu-mounted case, containing an ivory                hair brush, ditto shoe horn, glove stretchers, and clothes            brush   
203   White silk hand-painted fan with ivory sticks, and 2 muffs 

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