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344 Four gridirons, 2 fry baskets, 2 colanders, steamer, 3 zinc baths, 2 zinc pails, wood bowl, dust pan, and a small hanging glass
345 Deal plate and dish rack, wood standing board, zinc handbowl, 6 fry pans, and sundry store jars

Passages, &c.

347 Wire meat safe, small circular-top table, and set of 4-tread steps
348 Illumination star, and a quantity of small coloured glass lamps
349 Grained oak refrigerator and fittings
350 Two copper coal scuttles, a japanned housemaid's box, and 2 carpet brooms
351 Set of 11-tread steps, 4 cocoa nut mats, and a spinning wheel (faulty)
352 A 4ft. 6in. stained cupboard, fitted shelves, enclosed by pair of panelled doors, lock and key
353 A 5ft. oak dressing table fitted 2 drawers, a deal napkin press, and 2 deal forms
354 Brass and wire fender, set of steel implements, set of 9-tread steps, and 3 jappaned tea trays

Stables, 59, Princes Mews.

358 A handsome canoe-shaped Laudau, by Ivall and Large, upholstered in blue cloth and morocco, with pair of silver-plated lamps, pole, splinter bar,&c.
359 Fashionable barouche, by Ivall and Large, upholstered in cloth and morocco with pair of silver-plated lamps, pole, splinter bar, &c.
360 Set of plated double harness, 2 whips, a carriage ladder, and a carriage setter


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