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Back Room.

165 The figured Brussels carpet as planned, about    yards
166 A 7ft. 6in. birch cornice pole, ends, rings, brackets, deal cornice lath rod, and a pair of flowered cretonne curtains and rope holders
167 Axminster hearthrug and a black japanned and brass-mounted coal purdonium, liner and scoop
168 A 3ft. 6in. cast iron and steel-mounted fender and a set of steel fire implements
169 Chimney glass in maple frame, plate 48in. by 32in.
170 A 5ft. shaped-top deal dressing table and 2 cane-seat chairs
171 A 3ft. 6in. polished birch marble-top washstand, fitted 2 drawers, with brass rail and shelf at back
172 A birch 4-rail towel airer, 9 pieces of red and white washstand fittings, and a japanned slop vase
176 A 6ft. 3in. pine alf-tester panel bedstead


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