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his dear Father, were to make
yourself happy  and they were
 I was thankful to learn that
Dr Jenkins died very sudden
of failure-Heart.  [indecipherable]
He seemed quite well when
he went there, to see his Daughter
Mrs Simpson has just had a baby
in Sydney [indecipherable] may not [indecipherable]
I cannot write today [indecipherable] 
I am [indecipherable] weak and [indecipherable]
I do not like to put
off [indecipherable] You may think
I forgot you! Remember me to your
Mrs [indecipherable] I can pray for her. She
did long so to see the dear
child strong & all his weakness
is gone [indecipherable]! & no doubt

I end with much love
Yrs [indecipherable] 
C. Leslie



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Partially transcribed