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Entrance and Inner Halls

262 A large cocoa door mat, and a 4 ft. wainscot hall seat
263 A 3ft. 3in. wainscot hall table, fitted 2 drawers
264 A rail back cane-seat chair, an Aneroid barometer, and an oak and glazed letter box
265 The handsome brass hall lamp as suspended, with ground globe, &c.
266 A shaped Axminster mat for foot of stairs, and a green skin ditto ditto
267 Five green skin mats
268 The oilcloth as planned to lobby, w.c., and end of hall, carriage matting on rollers, a tin plate warmer, and a wood reading slope

Landing and Stairs to Ground Floor

271 The blue-ground Brussels carpet to landing, half-landing, and stairs, about 25 yards
272 The blue felt over the above, and 23 stout brass stair rods
273 Brilliant plate mirror in carved enamelled wood frame, plate 9ft. 9in. by 5ft.
274 The companion ditto
275 Three pairs of blue velvet-lined portiere curtains, with festoon valances and rope holders
276 A 3ft. semi-circular inlaid marble-top table, on white enamel and gilt fluted spider legs
277 A fine majolica boat-shaped vase with dragon handles, standing on a 15in. dish en suite
278 Brilliant plate pier glass in carved enamelled wood frame, plate 96in. by 13in.
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