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516 Three small plain glass water jugs, 2 cut preserve dishes with handles, 4 plain water carafes and tops, 6 lamp chimneys, and 5 pieces of table bordering
517 Twenty-four cut tazza champagnes, 21 ground and cut ice plates, 5 quadruple flower-holders, and 2 small plain water jugs.
518 Engraved claret jug, 18 specimen vases (various), frosted glass basket with handle, and 6 plain shaped tumblers on stands
519 Richly gilt cut-glass centre vase with coloured studs, and a pair of decanters and stoppers en suite, forming vases
520 Pair of finely-engraved claret jugs, 4 cut star-bottom wine coolers, 3 oval silvered glass table ornaments and fittings, and 24 small globular specimen glasses

Linen &c.

522 Twenty-four huckaback towels, 3 jack towels, 12 linen aprons, and 12 fish cloths
523 Twenty-four fringed fine towels, 24 large kitchen towels, and 8 fringed damask tray cloths
524 Sixteen fine towels, 33 glass cloths and 12 dusters
525 Twelve new fringed fine huckaback towels, and 4 small fine fringed damask cloths
526 Two small damask table cloths, and 20 fine towels
527 Twenty-four fine quality fringed towels, 18 fringed damask Doyleys, and 40 fancy Doyleys
528 Forty-two new fine damask table napkins
529 Forty-two damask table napkins, 5 coarse huckaback towels, 25 large linen towels, and 6 jack towels
530 Fifty-four fine damask table napkins
531 About 6 yards of fine damask (uncut) for table napkins


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