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Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867
New South Wales Branch

No. 14/66

The Offices
Sydney, 20 April 1866.


I have the honor on behalf of the New South Wales Commissioners for the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1867, to draw your attention to the great desirability of a good representation therein, of the varied products and Resources of this Colony.

As it is obvious that without extensive co-operation on the part of the Public, a collection worthy of the Colony can not be obtained, I am requested to solicit  your prompt and hearty support in furtherance of the important end, which the Commissioners desire to accomplish.

It is earnestly wished both by the Imperial and New South Wales Commissioners, that this Country should occupy on the occasion the position to which she is justly entitled; and that a well-assorted Collection of her products should be presented to the World, in illustration of her great Industrial Resources.

The Commissioners being aware, that you are in a position to afford them assistance, and believing, that you are anxious to promote the Interest of the Country, by all means in your power, request, that you still give their appeal your warmest sympathy and most earnest consideration, and forward for Exhibition such articles and products of the Colony, as to you and to your friends may seem eligible.

The natural and artificial products of this Colony have been arranged in four Classes, which, with their Sub-divisions, are for your information and guidance, enclosed herein.

Any further information, that may be required by you on this Subject, will be readily supplied by any of the Commissioners, or by the undersigned.

I have the honor to be, Madam,
Your most obedient Servant,
A. G. de Gyulay,
Secretary to the Commission

Miss Macarthur

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