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One old Mr Falconer knew that Mr and Mrs Campbell would be there so he begged the same abuse of New South Wales accusing it of taking their money in the old days of the Colony the only effect it had was to make us laugh. Their jealousy of Sydney is quite [indecipherable] said to Papa "I fancy we have the start on you." [indecipherable]     

[Indecipherable]. I had not time to finish my letter [indecipherable] as we had to dress for dinner party. Poor Mr W. Abel was present and he was quite painful to see him trying to walk. Yesterday we went to the [indecipherable] at Brighton but the weather was so hot we were almost toasted and did not enjoy much. When we arrived home Papa and Mr Bigge were here. They seem to have enjoyed themselves much but I shall leave Papa to tell his own tale,  

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