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327 Marble mortar on stone pedestal with pestle
328 Deal jelly stand, 3 wire and 2 hair sieves, wood tub, and 3 iron coal scuttles
329 Dial in wood case, dripping pan, stand and ladle, marble mortar and pestle, coffee mill, and a set of scales and weights
332 Set of 6 plated dish covers
333 Two freezing cans, spice mill, bread grater, coffee biggin, teapot, spice box, seasoning box, 10 Branburys and covers and 3 gravy strainers
334 Ice mould, raised pie tin, sundry boxes of cutters, 4 shaped tin moulds, a quantity of patty pans, dariole and tartlet tins
336 Two meat saws, 3 choppers, 10 wood spoons, rolling pin, 3 cook's knives and forks, palate knife, pair of butter pats, sardine opener, vegetable scoop and pastry brush
337 Brass bottle jack, wheel and key, soup ladle, set of skewers, cutlet beater, 3 fish slices, tin water can, and a japanned tea tray
338 A quantity of odd crockery


339 Bain Marie pan and a braising pan
340 Fourteen stew pans and lids
341 Three omelette pans and a baking sheet
342 Six shaped moulds and 18 entree moulds


343 Nine iron saucepans and lids, 2 fish kettles and covers, suet chopping machine, 2 tea kettles, stock pot and lid, and 4 baking tins.
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