Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 207

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[Page 207]

I could never have expected anything but baseness & treachery from Wentworth & Bland I may say with [indecipherable] of old Wedderbourne [Wedderburn} "Treachery itself wd. not trust him" - I strongly suspect the Govt. will have [indecipherable] them before this - I regret to see all the worst features of our elections copied to the letter & not a good feature is to be discovered -

We have had a wonderfully mild season for months past all over the Kingdom & without entering into a Sea of Politics, things so far as Commercial affairs are concerned are looking better - but the State horizon looks concerning - I see the sad havoc the Banks with their paper [indecipherable] making in your Colony - it was so from the beginning & will continue I fear -

Give my affectionate regards & respects to your most excellent mother & to your wife - Sisters, Bowman

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