Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 188

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Whitfield Sunday Evg.
May 13 [1838]

My Dear James,

Your letter wh. I recd this morning just before Service gave me the sunniest delight & most beautiful pleasure so much so that I really [indecipherable] (tho' I ought not to answer it) I thought so much of it that I fear it occupied me more than my prayers & yet there were moments when I inwardly offered them up for all the blessings of heaven to be rain'd down upon you both - Wither this family of the Normans I have been so easy & intimately connected that any thing whc. can contribute to their happiness is nearest my heart & with this I must add to your own with whom I have  passed so many & happy days - I was acquainted with Mrs. Norman long before she was married so think it is no slight acquaintance & every thing that contributes to her happiness & George's as well as to his most amiable wife I take a deep interest in - I feel it so strongly that I have put you to the expense of a double letter by containing a few congratulatory lines to your dear mother to be forwarded with your announcements - Your sisters too I am sure will be enjoyed on receiving such a companion as you have chosen & in such a society with every good gift this world can afford they will feel most eminently happy - my services will be at your command (if you do not find a better) whenever you require them & truly & sincerely happy shall I feel [indecipherable]

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