Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 135

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[Page 135]

will make them consider. There is some reason whc I cannot fathom for the [indecipherable] Govn. D. [Darling] alone for I know they wd. give their eyes to get rid of [indecipherable] & his clique.  My opinion is they are afraid of [indecipherable] in the radical cry for freedom in a [indecipherable] wh is now so powerful to raise one's voice against it is [indecipherable] - But might [indecipherable] I believe there will be such an attack on the Court, they can-not resist it for the Reform Bill only prevented it coming on [indecipherable].

The [indecipherable] have have ordered my expenses to be paid out of Hall's case - I have sd. little abt. it; but those Judges will hear more of such matters hereafter -

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