Volume 59: Archdeacon Scott letters, 1822-1844: No. 107

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but I rest assured that at present, that is on a [indecipherable] after the receipt of this [indecipherable] the minds & thoughts of you all will be too much [indecipherable] to enter on affairs which can but little interest you - I will only add that having traversed the whole kingdom from one end to another in the midst of a General Election under peculiar excitement, I never saw less disorder or disposition to riot than at present.  The people are determined on Reform but are sober & steady & they have got it.  The fate of Europe & of its tyrants depended on our success - be not alarmed, under other circumstances I c.d enlarge to you, My kindest & most affectionate regards to Mrs. McA, Miss McA & Emmeline as well as Jas & Wm.  God help you all is the sincere prayer of your sincere & assured friend
T.H, Scott

Mr. Macarthur Esq
New South Wales

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