Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 504

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*  *  BANDS * OF * MERCY * *
  Call together a few friends interested in the protection of Animals; read to them from the Band of Mercy, reports of work done by various Bands; explain to them the means and objects of Banks, and the good results they yield not only to animals but to the moral natures of the members; pass a resolution that a Band shall then and there be formed, giving to it at the same time a distinctive name ; pass a second resolution appointing a committee, consisting of a President and Secretary, and two or three other members (more will be better); pass a third resolution affiliating the Band with the governing body (the Ladies' Committee of the SOCIETY FOR PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS) ; pass a fourth resolution consisting of rules of the new Band, as printed hereunder, or with modifications ; and pass a fifth resolution authorising the Secretary to collect moneys from  honorary members, and to purchase Members' Cards, Medals, Registers, Rolls, and other papers (these are supplied at cost price - but only to the Secretaries of the Bands - by Mrs. J. C. ELLIS, Altona, Newcastle ; Miss F. LEVVY, 3 Brighton Terrace,  Prospect Street, Waverley).


This Band shall be called "The ....................................Band of      Mercy".
This Band is founded for the promotion of kindness to Animals by means of occasional Meetings for Readings, Lectures, Addresses, Singing etc ; by the distribution of suitable Literature ; by the preparation of Essays on the duty of mercy ; and by other appropriate methods, as may be found desirable.
This Band shall consist of members paying a subscription of 1d. per quarter, and of honorary members paying 2s. 6d. per annum.
This Band will from time to time, as its funds may permit, give books which teach kindness to Animals to the various Sunday School Libraries in the locality.
This Band will hold Monthly Meetings, if practical, at which Addresses, or Lectures shall be given ; or Band of Mercy Melodies sung ; or Readings and Recitations delivered ; or interesting work, done by members, reported ; or stories and anecdotes, which have come under the notice of members, related, etc.
This Band will endeavour not only to promote its special objects towards Animals, but encourage its members to avoid unkindness to one another.

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