Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 418

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per month per share.  No calls will be made.  About £1,400 has been subscribed, reckoning the £200 a year for three years which has been promised by Government.  Out of this our land and house has cost only £185; it was secured by a sale under a bank mortgage.  Our Solicitor, Mr. J. A. Thompson, has procured for a a Torrens' Title, the best in the world, and conducted purchase, and asks no fees till we pay dividends.

Mr. R. D. Adams, a well known business man, and Capt. Gipps, a Civil Engineer, are members of our Board of Advice, and have given untiring advice and assistance.

We shall be able to carry on in a small way for about two years, by which time we expect this settlement to be self-supporting, but we want to extend, we want to employ many, not the few that this will provide for.  Who will help?  Fathers, mothers with daughters growing up to womanhood, if your own are provided for, think of those who are not.  The battle we are fighting is a greater battle even than that against negro slavery, it is war against the wholesale degradation of our women.
Women's Co-Operative Silk-growing and Industrial Association

May, 1894.                       53 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

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