Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 282

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[Page 282]

I cannot bear the idea of you thinking perhaps that I could ask you to help me if there was any chance of your losing one penny by doing so.  Unfortunately you know so little of me that you may naturally feel doubtful of my ability if not of my will - there is so much I should like to have said to you which my wretched nervousness prevented.

Mr Dibbs advised me to ask a friend to guarantee an overdraft for me months ago but I always hoped that I could do without it.  Mother is well & Louie is taking good care of her so I have decided to stay here until the end of the week in order to settle my affairs one way or the other.

[Right hand margin]
I hope you are having finer weather after the flood,

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