Volume 65: Macarthur-Onslow correspondence, 1846-1929: No. 043

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My dear Aunt Sarah

Very many thanks for your kind letter in reply to mine referring to the finishing of Camden Church. I quite agree in the justice of your Decision under the circumstances I do not think you could have acted otherwise. In stating the facts to you I of course meant to refer the matter to dear Uncle Edward. In some way I have managed slightly to mislead you & I shall state the case again rather more clearly, but this is simply to make you understand my thoughts & not in the expectation of any different answer on your part.

The Site of Camden Church was selected by my Grandfather before his death. It was commenced in 1840 I think, & almost built almost entirely at the expense of my Father & Uncle Wm who superintended the laying of every Brick. The Building is a pretty one and very substantial but it is (owing to wont of funds) in a quite unfinished state.  The great defect & it is a great one is the very short chancel but the expense of lengthening it would not be very considerable & it would be a pity to finish the church without altering it. The chief expenses would be in the other addition which the present chancel would equally need require to finish it. At the time of my Father's death there had been much talk of altering & finishing it & he was much interested about it, tho he felt that he had not the means at that time to take the matter into his own hands & when the people of this neighbourhood began to consult  as to a fitting Memorial for him some one suggested a Memorial

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