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[Page 366]

[Written in pencil with address written in ink]

& above all our precious souls, [Indecipherable] - the Lord of all took [Indecipherable] upon himself to save Xt [Christ] died for the ungodly - for [Indecipherable] for Enemies [Bon?] X. 6. 8-10. Why should not we forward that who would Enlighten the Heathen. We were once in that state. We were cruel & bloody - yet we were not thought too [Indecipherable] of or too bad for the [Indecipherable] the Gospel - Objecve Charity begins at home, where [mercy?] is to be done - "is it not to go  step beyond at home Xt left heaven & [Indecipherable] labour & [Indecipherable] & [affection?] for as [word missing?] & he had dwelt there for [Indecipherable] ages. Between me & you there is this difference. He is a [Indecipherable] agent accountable to nothing[?] we are his stewards - have we made up our account  - are we ready to give it now - All done for the sake of God [Indecipherable] a blessing in the prayers of others [Indecipherable]

[Written in ink]
Miss Stone
Lady Marjoribanks
Glenmore Lodge

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