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1 Pet IV 10
The beginning of the Chap. teaches to renounce lusts of the Flesh. As we have to give account to our judges. "The end of all things is at hand" supposed first to have meant the fall of Jerusalem tho' as St Peter which to Gentiles of this there is a [no?] doubt - As a thousand years is, as one day in the sight of God, the last day may well be said to be at hand with Him to whom time is as nothing, & who has said Behold I come quietly - The [sight?] of the present day authorises many to believe the judgement day is indeed at hand. We ought therefore to be sober, & to watch with prayer to watch that the [Indecipherable] not any advantage [Indecipherable] us that we give way to no temptation which [Indecipherable] we must do & we must have that charity which makes [Indecipherable] the sins, not our own, but of our fellow creatures. Prov XI. 12. We have recd plentifully from God - he has dealt to us with no niggard hand life - breath which He could stop and carry [Indecipherable] - health etc etc

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