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Parramatta  25th Jany 1856

My dear William

This Mail Packet which brought your last welcome letter, the unfortunate Ship Schomberg upon which such fine speculations were made, was wrecked not far from Melbourne - & it has thrown us out of our semi monthly mail in return. I believe she is quite gone to pieces - & rumour says the Captain is to blame - however if it is so I suppose he will get his deserts -  You will think I have become very restless when you see  


& I shall be Governor's man I suppose," upon which thought there was a hearty chuckling laugh. Mr Ferguson chuckles over his ferneries[?] & shrubberies, which he is extending - & they really are beautiful. Go where you will dear William - you will still think the lawn & shrubberies at Camden very pretty- they are looking so 

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