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Sunday 2 April 1916
Went for a long tram ride to Heliopolis & around Cairo before proceeding by train at 11 a.m. for Serapeum.
The large Hospital at Heliopolis is now deserted, & every thing looks as through the Soldiers are fading away.
Col. Fuller who went on the previous day to Salhia to inspect Camp with Major Foster returned at 2 a.m. this morning.
I arrived back to Camp at 3-3 p.m.

Monday 3 April 1916
Orders came to hand today to be in readiness to leave Serapeum tomorrow at noon for another spot on Canal towards Port Said.
The Brigade has to ride through whilst Baggage & Waggons, etc. go by train.
Our Limber Carts go with us & will take the Col. valise, etc.
We understand that the Artillery is to occupy this Camp.
We notice many Troops moving from different spots, & the lines at times are severely taxed.

Tuesday 4 April 1916
Packing & preparing to leave here (Serapeum) at 12 noon, for Mo-aski outside Ismaila. Major White in charge of Train arrangements Baggage etc. whilst every available man mounted a horse & tracked with Brigade.
The New Zealand Band played us out of Camp, & after a pleasant trip over cultivated & watery country we pitched Camp about 2 miles outside Ismaila.
The Brig. & Capt. Stracker had tea with us.
We secured a 'Fantasic' of Water which holds about 15 gallons, two of which are carried on a camel.

Wednesday 5 April 1916
We left Mo-aski near Ismaila at 5 a.m. crossing the desert to Salhia on the Railway between Zazazar & Kantara, 18 miles from Suez Canal. The desert becomes very interesting at times owing to quite a variety of flowers & shrubs growing, also on account of the uneven nature of Ground.
The Brigade was headed by Brig. Ryrie, the 6th A.L.H. leading. Many sand dunes & low swampy places abound. We arrived in Camp at 1-30 p.m. & set to work laying down horse Lines & erecting Officers Tents.

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