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Sunday 16 January 1916
Went into Cairo with Tom Saunders, sent parcel Home – got Rope etc. Col. Fuller out with Major White.
Spent some time at Soldiers Home.
Tom Saunders went out to the Pyrimads with Friends, & I stayed in & around Cairo.
The Russell Soldiers Home is doing a Quiet but lasting work for the men who frequent the place. Light refreshments & plenty of Reading matter with comfortable Lounges can be had for the asking.

Monday 17 January 1916
Packing up to leave Maadi on Wednesday next. Order cancelled.
Went into Cairo for Sleeping Blanket for Col. Fuller.
Wrote Home to-day.
Our hopes are coming true at last but somehow just when definite orders arrive, they are almost immediately cancelled. However it is because the Train arrangements do not fit in, so we must wait patiently till the scheme is complete.

Tuesday 18 January 1916
Brigade on Route March to Helouan.
Went into Cairo for Col. Fuller – Electric Torch.
As it is necessary to find out just how the Brigade looks, this Route March has be organized. It certainly assists us in our final preparations, as we learn just what to pack on our saddles & most of all what unnecessary articles we may leave behind. As we do not know where or what we are going to do it is well to pack as lightly as possible.

Wednesday 19 January 1916
Regiment being issued with Clothing etc., which is the last word before departure. Every man is given the right to ask for any needful article for personal use, & if we leave short of the full equippment we do so at our own risk. Maadi Camp is an Ideal place to dwell in, but we gather from past experience that once on the move the supplys are of the Bariest, & no man can Blame the Military if clothing etc. is not forthcoming.

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