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Sunday 2 July 1916
The Col. & Major Bruxner inspecting site for 2 Wells to be sunk specially for our benefit. The pioneers under Corp. Baye commenced Operations.
Col. Fuller went this morning to Rail Head with Capt. Stracker.
The Padre returned yesterday from Cairo where He was examined by Dr. Gibson for eye trouble.
Divine Service tonight at 6-15 p.m. when the Padre gave an interesting account of the particular bit of Country in dwell in in Egypt from an Historic point of view.
Lieu. Marks went to Cairo.
Corp. & 6 men went to Cairo for our Kit Bags, so that we may get a change of Clothing.
Col. Fuller, Capt. Stracker, & Lieu. Thompson went to Hill 40, then on to Kantara on Military matters. I went also for Food supplies & all returned by the 6 p.m. train.
Aus. mail in. Received letter from Mrs. Robson. Posted letters Home, also wrote Mrs. Robson.
The Fifth Regiment ordered out last Evening at 10 p.m. to capture a number of Camels & Bedwins seen by Air o plane on the previous day.

Tuesday 4 July 1916
Col. Fuller & other Regimental Leaders met at Brigade H.Q. this morning 10 a.m. for the purpose of discussing arrangements for next Stunt.
Owing to Major White & Major O'Brien leaving Regiment = Capts. Cross & Ferguson together with Lieu. Thompson & Chisholm have to-day been recommended for Promotion. Col. Fuller & Brig. out inspecting Outposts this Evening.
A French Plane passed over our Camp at 5-30 p.m. passing very low. The Avaitors do not care about travelling too high owing to our Guns firing on them.

Wednesday 5 July 1916
Our Plane descended here owing to motor trouble, ascended again by afternoon.
General Chavel & party arrived at Romani Rail 6 a.m. & was conducted round the different Camps by the Brig.
Medical inspection to-day.
Ted & I put up a new Kitchen to-day. Date palm Leaves with a bit of timber make splendid "possies" for both Cooking & sleeping in.
Vet. Officer of the Brigade gave a lecture on "The Horse" tonight, which was much appreciated. Col. Fuller attended – then went to N.Z. camp to spend Evening.
Serg. Long of the 3rd Echelon, Alex. arrived in Camp on Business.

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