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Sunday 20 August 1916
Took out Col. Fuller Boots etc.
Aus. Mail closes to-day.
Went to Barrage in Afternoon. Nile at its Height. Annual Celebration of the rising of the Nile – on the Banks at Old Cairo. The Cutting of the "Kaly" commencing with the firing of Guns at noon & continuing till daybreak following morning. The Governor of Cairo took the place of Sultan owing to the Death in Family. The whole thing was Froth.

Monday 21 August 1916
Col. Fuller & party to Barrage at 3 p.m. by Motor.
Hamper from Saults – 85 Pt., Car 250 Pt.
Col. Onslow accompanied party.
Rock progressing well though I fear He will never be the same bright Lad again. He is being sent back to Aus. as unfit & it will be a long while if ever before recovery is complete.

Tuesday 22 August 1916
Out to see Col. Fuller.
All Officers getting on well.
Col. Fuller & others to Maddi in Car at 2-30 p.m.
These Cars cost between £2 & £3 for a few hours, but the comfort & convenience is worth all if one has it to spare. Since the bulk of the Troops have left Egypt the Cars are easily to secure, but on first arriving it was difficult to pick a spare one in the Streets.

Wednesday 23 August 1916
Col. Fuller in Hospital all day.
Major Bollingbroke to Helouan by Car.
Went to Band Concert at Hostel to-night.
The Colonel is overdoing it & will have to rest more, though I think pressure will have to be brought before He gives up His freedom.

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