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Sunday 5 November 1916
Church Parade this morning.
Major White has been relieved of Brigade Major & has the command of a N.Z. Regiment.
Capt. Stracker & Col. out riding this afternoon.
Posted letter Home.
Serg. Hartley again reinstated to Orderly Room.

Monday 6 November 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade also viewing operations at Rifle Range where 6th Reg. are practicing to-day.
General Ryrie through our lines.
I went to Kantara this morning for Cigarrettes from Cairo.
Word received that Major White has returned from Aus.
Drs. of 2nd L.H. Brigade played great joke to-night. They brought up a Sand Cart & Stretcher for the purpose of carrying Major (Whisky) Dawson back. He took Dinner with our Officers to-night & was supposed to be stung.

Tuesday 7 November 1916
Orderley Room this morning.
Trooper --- out of Bounds in Pt. Said & Drunk, 28 days.
Major Anderson has left again this morning for D.H.Q. where He will take on work there.
Lieu. Garnet who reported to Col. Fuller yesterday is returning to Kantara, taking up Duties at Transport Depot.
New Brigade Major Northern arrived & took up Duties to-day.
Col. Fuller at Brigade to-night.
(Tony) Hordern's [indecipherable] Comforts fund representative called on Col. Fuller this afternoon.

Wednesday 8 November 1916
Orderley Room this morning among others a Charge Sheet was laid against Tr. W. Tucker for being in Pt. Said without a pass. The Col. would not allow me to appear as He was satisfied with explanation.
General Butler of Vet. Corps around inspecting Horses.
Bob Dickson & Roy Strathan returned from Pt. Said.
Aus. mail (Xmas) closes at 6 p.m. to-day.
Foot Ball Match between 6th & 7th Regs.
Lieu. Dickson & Lomax to Cairo.

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