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Sunday 11 June 1916
Wrote Home.
Mr. Larcombe is again in Camp with some more extras for the Regiment.
Church parade is to be held tonight instead of morning owing to the Heat.
I went to Cantara with Major Bruxner & also to Transport Depot.
Taube (Enemy's) dropped 7 Bombs killing two men & wounding & killing a number of Horses at Kantara. Also opened Fire on the Camps whilst returning only doing slight damage. Our Planes went in pursuit.
A large Plane is now at Kantara equipped for 3 men, one to Pilot, 2nd to use Machine Gun, 3rd to operate the 1 pounder.

Monday 12 June 1916
Major Bruxner, Pardre, went to Cairo tonight on Holidays.
Serg. Ross before the O.C. for absenting Himself without leave 4 days.
News of the Russians doing good work.
Col. Fuller arrived from Cairo at 11 p.m., came from Kantara by Brigade Motor Car.

Tuesday 13 June 1916
Capt. Ferguson returned from Cairo the afternoon.
Major White who was 2nd in Command has been compelled to return to Aus. & leaves Friday next.
Col. Fuller at Brigade tonight.
Another alarm given of Enemies plane in vicinity of Camp.
Wet & Dry Canteen is now a paying concern, under Lieu. Britton & is much appreciated by the men.

Wednesday 14 June 1916
Capt. Stracker took lunch with the Col. to-day.
Capt. Darcey returned from Cairo & paid visit to Col. Fuller.
Orders out that a Camel Corps is being formed, & Officers & N.C.O. are required.
Lieu. Chisholm went to Port Said in connection with Charge against a Trooper who was Drunk.
Col. Fuller up to 7th Reg. tonight.

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