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Thursday 19 October 1916
Col. Fuller at National Hotel Room 20, Capt. Stracker Room 22. Went to Kursaal & pictures.
Got from Anglo Egyptian Bank Pass Book & Cheque Book for Regiment, also Col. Fuller Private Account.
Capt. Chisholm returned with the 82 men from Alexandra after spending 8 days on Leave.
Ted Reed, Harris & another contingent left tonight.

Friday 20 October 1916
Col. Fuller at Shooting Match this afternoon with Capt. Stracker. Made inquiries re selling Empty Bottles for Reg. Canteen – price very low.
Cashed Cheque for Col. Fuller at A.E. Bank.
Bob Dickson got from Kantara in all 83 Cases from McDonald & Coy., Cairo.

Saturday 21 October 1916
Called on Col. Fuller at National Hotel, & left again by 7 a.m. Train for Kantara, taking with me Capt. Chisholm valise.
Arrived Kantara 11-30 a.m. & walked out to Hill 40 where I got a lift to Hill 70.
Col. Fuller & Capt. Stracker left at 11 a.m. from Cairo arriving in Camp at 3-30 p.m.
Posted Xmas letter Home.
Major Anderson leaves to-night for Cairo & Port Said Alexandra.
Major Foster & General Chavel has left the Division for Alexandra & England.
One of the 1st Brigade men who was captured by the Turks at the Romani Battle has escaped from Ali Rish & was found by a party of N.Z. in a very low State. He had a good sketch of Alirish & position of the Turks in general.

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