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Col. C.D. Fuller
Illawarra Line
South Coast, N.S.W.

Miss Masie Sarginson
Church Street
W. Maitland, N.S.W.

Major Bruxner
Auctioneer & Estate Agent
Tenterfield, N.S.W.

Miss Mitchell
Russell Soldiers Home
Oppo. Shepards

Trooper A.E. Attrill
Bega, N.S.W.

Victor Corwas
Poste Restante
Cairo Egypt

Said Sawida
Maadi, Egypt

Pte. William Pethard
Golden Square

Saturday 1 January 1916
Spent Quiet Day in Hospital. Major O'Brien here as a convalescent. He had a long talk with me.
Picture Show at night.
I have come to the conclusion that whilst our Drs. & Sisters here are doing a noble work, gaining undying gratitude from Thousands of men, there is a great tendency to create among the patients a good number of malingerers. The cost of running these large Hotels such as Heliopolis, Ghizira & Al Hayat must be enourmous to the military. From the Basement to the roof one finds every comfort & convenience. The Collonade itself is a picture & every thought must be given to Patrons in Peace times. Only those with large incomes can possibly hope to have access in these buildings. On arrival the patient hands over all His Clothes which is examined & if worn out is burned. The remainder is thoroughly disinfected & laid by. A full supply is immediately forthcoming when the patient leaves. The Basements of these Buildings are Huge Store Houses where Kits & other belongings of men are Guarded & cared for.

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