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Thursday 3 February 1916
Regimental parade. Testing the Best Race Horses in Camp.
Concert at night.
Col. Fuller in Camp all Day.
Bereime is very similar to our Lurcine & is relished by our Horses & on irragated parts will grow rapidly, but has to been replanted yearly.

Friday 4 February 1916
Regimental Drill all Day.
Col. Fuller received word of his permanent appointment as C.O. of the 6th A.L.H.
On most of the Stations the natives sell moyeh or water to thirsty travelers.
Esbekiyeh Gardens in the centre of Cairo is the rendezvous of our Troops to-day. Y.M.C.A.

Saturday 5 February 1916
Raining slightly all Day.
Col. Fuller, Major White & other Officers at 3rd L.H. Brigade.
Sports at Heliopolis.
I went into Cairo to fix up about Stables etc. for Horses.
The Arrabiyeh or Garry or Carriage is most common in all large Towns & Cities & are drawn about with one or two Horses.
The Light House at Ras-el-Tin, Alex. very prominent, & can been seen miles away at Sea. It is called Pharos Light, & is very Brillant. The Station of Nefisha is on the Suez, Cairo & Port Said Lines. This is a Branch Station & is nearly surrounded by a large tract of marshy Ground.
The old Battlefield at Tel-el-Kebir is now lined with many Tents. The sight is an old Historic Field where a Surre Battle was fought many years ago.
The Arabs use a kind of Hoe similar in some respects as ours for tilling purposes, & call it a Fass.

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