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Sunday 23 January 1916
Church parade to-day.
Col. Fuller in Cairo.
Wrote Home.
There is each Sunday morning a compulsory Service for both Officers & men of all Denominations. Whilst this is part of military disipline, I am not at all sure it does men any good by forcing them to a Religious Service. However each man must be dressed properly & act as though He enjoyed the whole thing.

Monday 24 January 1916
Regimental parade.
Still no further notice about moving Camp. The men are beginning to tire of the hum-drum life which hangs over the Camp. Fresh scenes & pastures new is the craving specially as we well know the Authorities intend to shift us somewhere soon. There has to be plenty of variety in Military Life or men get miserable. We get plenty of Leave to Cairo but we want something different to that.

Tuesday 25 January 1916
Regimental parade to-day. The Officers are taking a keen interest in the Ghezira Racing Club & some of our Leaders have already become members. We may expect to see some of our Aus. Horses running shortly.
During the Afternoons the picked nags of the Regiment are tried for the Fastest Mounts. The Colonel's Billy is one of the Favourites.

Wednesday 26 January 1916
General Birdwood inspecting Regiment to-day.
I went into Cairo for Groceries, etc.
Col. Fuller also in Town. When "Birdie" arrives on the scene to inspect everyone knows it. He sharply goes over the whole parade with His keen eyes & then dashes away to another part leaving his Body Guard to catch up, as best they can. His Life is too busy to linger long over any one, & His actions are of a man overflowing with vitality.

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