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Thursday 28 September 1916
Preparing to move tomorrow early for Romani & Hill 70.
We sold a Quantity of Stores & Beer to 12th Regiment & Yeomanry who take up our Line between Bayud &amp. Bir-el-Alb.
Major Bruxner paid 736 Pt., Lieu. Walker 250 Pt. for Goods received from Col. Fuller.
Pay Day to-day.
I gave Jeff £10 from Col. Fuller.
Canteen took over 5 Cases Beer from us.

Friday 29 September 1916
Brigade left at 7 oclock this morning for Romani where we Camp for 2 days near the sight of our old & first Camp. Camels carrying H.Q. Stuff arrived at 4-30 p.m.
The Brigade after watering arrived in Camp at midday, 1 oclock.
Major Bruxner stayed behind to arrange matters with the Yeomanry & arrived in Camp at 10 p.m.
Some men of the F.A. & 1st Brigade created an uproar to night & of course the 6th Reg. got the Blame.

Saturday 30 September 1916
Col. Fuller at Brigade & Division in connection with Canteen uproar last night. (Another washout)
Last Sunday a number of our aeroplanes left Kantara for the purpose of bombing Al-arish. They met with a Hot reception & though in force could do very little good owing to the High Explosives used by the Turks. 2 of our Planes had to come to the ground & were destroyed by our own Men who afterwards got back safely. Our Machines at present are very much inferior in size & power than the Taubes, & can only travel 60 miles an Hour at full speed. Our Battle plane can only do 90 miles which means that the Enemy planes can out-distance anything we hold.
A Full Dress Parade is ordered for tomorrow when Gen. Chavel will hand to the chosen men Decorations.
I rode over to Detail Camp El Maler & got an Aus. Tunic & Head Stalls this afternoon.
Honeyset, Saddler made both the Col. & I a water Bag each, also counter lined my Saddle.

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