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Sunday 27 February 1916
Fixing Camp all Day
Col. Fuller arrived from Cairo by the 5-30 a.m. Train (Special) with 4th Regiment. Of course one has to extend Hospitality to new arrivals even though there is nothing in the larder. The few Dainties disappear like magic when Hungry Officers arrive & now we must look out for Fresh supplies.

Monday 28 February 1916
Regiment on Parade all Day. They took miday meal. Col. Fuller returned to Lunch as Brig. accompanied Him.
Thank Goodness the Natives have found us & are crying out Eggs a Cooked, which means we can get either Fresh or Cooked Eggs for very little.

Tuesday 29 February 1916
Regiment on Parade. Heavy Drill ground owing to looseness of Sand. Horses sinking nearly up to their knees in places. General Godley & Staff inspecting Brigade.
Col. Fuller demands inquiry re Charge against Himself & Major White.

Wednesday 1 March 1916
Regimental Parade. I went into Ismaila with Washing, etc. Bought up Groceries, etc., got a table & Wash Tub.
Col. Fuller in Camp all. This pretty little Town is on the Banks of the Canal about 8 miles from our Camp. A Train leaves Serapeum about 9-15 a.m. & returns about 3 p.m. so one can at least keep the pots Boiling.

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